The 10 Steps to Glory

By following these simple yet quite important reminders, your skills will set you on the road to glory every time.

  1. Remember to chalk your cue properly after each shot.
  2. Concentrate on every shot, carelessness costs you the game.
  3. Decide on how to take your shot and stick to it, constantly changing your mind / indecision can loose you the game.
  4. Recognise your faults, learn from mistakes - correct them, one by one.
  5. Concentrate before, during, and after on the stroke in hand, forget everything else.
  6. Practice shots that trouble you. Practice makes perfect.
  7. After striking the cue ball, follow through with your cueing action.
  8. Always be courteous to your opponent and never under estimate them.
  9. Have confidence and do not be afraid of making mistakes.
  10. Seek to play those who are "better" than yourself, this is how you improve your skills.

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