2006 Results

2006 BAPTO Tournament Beats the Odds

BAPTO Beats the Odds to Stage Their 30th Team Trophy! The BAPTO competition attracted 60 teams from all over the UK & Ireland, with nearly 400 players descending on the Pontins complex in Blackpool.

2006 Tournament

New for this year was the opportunity for all team players to enter the singles events, with the men's attracting 220 entries. The new Blackball rules were used. Despite this, and a smaller number of referees, the rules worked well and won general approval.

The SAM Atlantic tables, Hainsworth Match cloth and Aramith balls provided the best possible environment for skillful players. The players responded with a high standard of behavior, sportsmanship and play. I received a number of positive comments from those attending, about the performance of the tables, cloth and balls, the standard of accommodation and catering at Pontins and the return to Blackpool for BAPTO, reported SAM Leisure's Liam Barrett.

The Horseshoes from Birmingham finally prevailed over the Ram from Derby to win 3-0. Mark Priest from the Star Q in Bracknell won the Mens singles and Sarah Trudgett from Barking Pool Club triumphed in the Ladies' singles. Some had attended BAPTO before but none had won, so new champions were made all round! Cash prizes were paid to the last 16 in the men's singles and also team event, with prizes paid to the last 8 in the ladies singles.

Rob Pearce, Managing Director from UK Pub Pool states, "This is the first year that BAPTO and Pub Pool have worked together on the competition and we have hailed this year a great success when considering the odds stacked against us, especially after the late launch in June. We have made many changes to the tournament – playing to the new Blackball rules, which has seen a positive response from players as the game is now far more attacking. We changed location, taking the competition back to its roots in Blackpool and hosting it at the superb Pontins complex, where players stayed in half-board accommodation. We have scrapped the three player and seven player team events and replaced them with a five-player team event. Our goal as Pub Pool is to help grow this tournament and we are already planning the 2007 competition, which we believe will be far bigger. After listening to player’s feedback, we have identified some areas for improvement for next year's event, primarily to give players more frames of pool. Finally, I would just like to thank everyone who helped with the tournament and also the players that attended, without their dedication and support there would be no tournament."

Team Results Winner: Ram Runner Up: Horseshoes Semi Losers: Bobsleighs & Horseshoes 2 Quarter Losers: Black Horse B, Woadmans, Castle Inn, Spread Eagle Mens Singles Winner: Mark Priest Runner Up: Mat Brierley Semi Losers: Tony Fry, Danny Rush Quarter Losers: Stuart Legget, Martin Salter, Duane Puttock, Kevin Holland Ladies Singles Winner: Sarah Trudgett Runner Up: Amanda Watson Semi Losers: Anne Middleton, Emma Moorcock Quarter Losers: Tina Bennett, Sam Howard, Helen Gurd, Laura Llewelyn.

2006 Tournament